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patient climbing after using orthokeratology from optometrist



Corneal reshaping, also called "Orthokeratology" is a way for you to see clearly all day without contacts, glasses, or surgery.

When our patients first find out about this treatment, they almost always say, "how come we haven't heard of this before?"  

Most of the time, people think the only choices for correcting their vision are...

  1. Eyeglasses

  2. Contact lenses

  3. LASIK Eye Surgery

There are many positives for all the three treatments but they all certainly have their pitfalls. 

For example:

  • Glasses aren't ideal when you are playing sports, mountain biking, skiing, swimming and so on.

  • Contact lenses can dry the eyes out.

  • Surgery on the eyes can be risky (it is your vision after all, and you only have two eyes).

OrthoK or (CRT) can be the solution to all these dilemmas.

Once you get past the beginning phases of the treatment (which take 1 to 2 weeks) you will see consistently well in the morning, afternoon and night without wearing any corrective lenses!

No more glasses.

No more hassles with contact lenses.

Wake up in the morning and see clearly right away.

No more worries - "should I risk it and do LASIK?"

Completely reversible - if you stop wearing the OrthoK lenses, you'll revert back to your original prescription. 

Studies show that it is effective in slowing or stopping the progression of myopia/nearsightedness.

Lenses last at least a year but usually 2 years before you have to switch them out.

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