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Here are just some of the reasons to shop at our eyeglasses store in Bellingham:

  1. You can try on eyeglasses on your face rather than guessing with a "virtual try on."

  2. You can get many frames here that you'll never find online. 

  3. Here, you are not just another sales figure on an earnings report.  We sell to you what we would sell to our family.

  4. You can get any lens you like here. Any brand. Any weight. Any strength. Any tint. Any coating. 

  5. Our expert optical team makes sure your prescription is exactly what you and the Optometrist wanted. 

  6. We offer a two year warranty on frames and lens scratches or breakage.

  7. You can get free eyeglasses adjustments and repairs any time you like.

Frequently asked questions


Can eyeglasses cause double vision?

Yes, eyeglasses can cause double vision but they can also eliminate it. Our Optometrist can help you determine why and how to fix it.

How are glasses made?

Your eyeglass frames will be designed and manufactured separately from your lenses. There are many frame companies, like Oakley, Coach, etc. The lenses start out in a hockey puck shaped form, and then they are placed into a machine called a lens edger which grinds the edges out to fit the frame that you've selected. Beyond the edging process, your lenses can be finished with various coatings like anti-reflective coating and tints.

Can glasses help to relieve eyestrain?

Yes! eyeglasses should help relieve eyestrain. If they do not, there may be another vision problem that could either be corrected with a different, more customized prescription, or by a different visual treatment.

Do glasses correct astigmatism?

Yes, eyeglass lenses correct astigmatism. They do not cure it but they do correct for it to provide optimal eyesight.

Do glasses block blue light?

Yes some glasses contain lenses that block blue light. The blue light blocker does not come on standard plastic lenses and has to be added to your eyeglasses order.

I want my eyes to work. Do glasses make your eyes or vision weaker?

Generally no. It can seem like that's the case after you get your first pair of glasses and everything seems blurrier when you remove them. But this is likely a mental phenomenon as you get accustomed to clear vision. There is one important thing to consideratoin to keep in mind: The goals of glasses do not to involve curing your vision problem or making your eyes stronger. The goals of glasses are to bring objects into focus, relief eyestrain, eye fatigue and reduce symptoms of ocular motor dysfunction like double vision / diplopia.

Can glasses fix or correct lazy eye?

Yes, glasses can sometimes fix or correct lazy eye. They can influence how the eyes align with one another and can correct a type of 'lazy eye' called Refractive Amblyopia. For more severe cases of Lazy Eye, vision therapy could be required.

What are the best lenses for glasses?

The best lenses for your glasses can depend on what you are using them for, how old you are, and what you want to accomplish. For kids under 18, the best lenses are generally Trivex material. For patients with high prescriptions, the best lens material is high index because it will minimize the thickness that's associated with strong prescriptions. For people who just want the basics, a CR-39 lens is fine. For people who are skiing, snowboarding or out on the water frequently a polarized sun lenses will be ideal.

Safety & Maintenance

Are over the counter readers safe to use for the eyes?

Yes, over the counter readers are safe to use. They probably won't provide the same level of clarity and comfort as prescription reading glasses would because the optical centers are not customized for your pupillary distance which could cause unwanted prism effects.

Can eyeglasses be repaired or adjusted?

Yes. In our optical store at Northwest Vision Development Center, we repair and adjust eyeglasses daily.

My lenses are scratched. Can I remove the anti reflective coating on my glasses?

Yes, you can remove the anti reflective coating with an etching compound containing sulfuric acid and follow the instructions.

What is the best way to clean my glasses?

The best way to clean your eyeglass lenses is with a clean microfiber cloth. Avoid using paper products like tissues, napkins, or paper towels. Some people like wipe their lenses with a soft cotton t shirt but even this material can cause scratching.

Our Policies

How long is your warranty on eyeglasses?

For your lenses and frames, our warranty is 2 years. If your frame is discontinued at the time of replacement, we will offer you a frame of equal or lesser value than the original.

Can I bring my old glasses to you to be recycled?

Yes! We will generally bring your old eyeglasses to the local Lion's Club who will prepare them to be used often in foreign countries of for other people who cannot afford new eyewear.

Do you have to give me my prescription at the end of the examination?

Yes, Optometrists are legally required to provide you with an eyeglasses prescription at the end of your visit, as long as the doctor tested for it and indicated it as finalized.

When do your eyeglasses prescriptions expire?

Unless you have a specific medical condition that requires more frequent visual assessments, our eyeglass prescriptions expire 2 years from the date they are issued.

Available Products

Can you put sunglass lens prescriptions in normal eyeglass frames?

Yes. You can put sun/tinted and/or polarized lenses in normal eyeglasses frames. Most people like the larger sunwear frames, because they provide better coverage around the eyes though.

Do you offer tinted glasses?

Yes. We can tint your lenses in almost any color you'd like with varying intensities range from 1 to 3. 1 would indicate a very mild, light tint and a 3 would indicate stronger tint.

Can you buy frames without eyeglass lenses?

Yes you can buy frames without eyeglass lenses, and we know many patients who do this. If you buy frames, you could keep the "stock" lenses on them but many times they'll have a logo of some sort. An alternative to keeping the stock lenses is to ask your optometrist to fill the frame with lenses that have 0.00 power. You will have to get an eye exam before any optometrist would do this, however.


What's the average price of glasses at your office?

The price of glasses at our office varies widely based on the frames and lenses desired. Price generally varies from $100 to $500.