This video explains the link between vision problems and reading/school difficulties like dyslexia or learning disabilities.

Our Optometrist and staff perform vision therapy testing, also called a Neuro Optometric Evaluation.  Who needs

Neuro Optometric Testing?

 People who have a child who is smart in "everything but school."

People who are tired of battles about homework night after night.

 People who have tried medications for their child without success.

 People who don't want to put their child on stimulant medications.

 People who are concerned that their child is falling behind.

 People who are worried about their child's eye's not working together and not developing properly and don't want surgery.

 People who may have been let down by other methods to help their child succeed​.

Watch To Learn How Vision Problems Cause Reading Problems

Watch To Learn How Vision Problems Cause Reading Problems

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8 Year Old Finds Out His Reading Can Improve

In this video, a mom of one our 8 year old patients tells the story of how she found our office, what vision therapy was doing for her child and why she recommends our office for people who need vision treatment. 

Independence Restored as Driving Improves 

In this video, our adult patient, Shelly talks about how she regained confidence in driving longer distances, walking up and down stairs and how much more independent she felt after her treatment here. 

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